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LUDWIG BECK – the Store Of The Senses

"Du bist Faust. Goethes Drama in der Kunst" is the title of the exhibition in the Kunsthalle München, which involves the visitor in an extraordinary way in the exhibition.

The unique window installation on the ground floor of LUDWIG BECK – the Store Of The Senses starts on Friday, February 23rd, 2018, and seizes the idea of the viewer's "involvement" and makes him a part of the artwork himself. Through the use of mirrors the passers-by, the environment of the Marienplatz and the viewer himself are included in the overall picture. The result is an ironic reversal of the observer's view, which raises the question: "Who actually looks at whom?"

This unique installation was created in collaboration with the Kunsthalle München and the freelance artist and stage designer Philipp Fürhofer, making it an integral part of the 2018 Faust Festival in Munich.

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„Here I am Man, here dare it to be.“

The famous Faust quotation (Part 1, In Front of the Gate) from the Easter Walk Scene fits perfectly to the CityQuartier FÜNF HÖFE, Munich.

Faust and Wagner are strolling carelessly through the crowd, while the people are delighted to see the nature waking up from its hibernation. All year round, you can also stroll light hearted through the FÜNF HÖFE, embrace the beauty of the hanging gardens, the shop windows of all the fashion stores, and settle to a great conversation in one of the cafes, bars and restaurants.

However, during the Faust Festival, the FÜNF HÖFE offer even more: yet alone the “You are Faust” exhibition based in Kunsthalle München shines a spotlight on the FÜNF HÖFE during the Faust Festival. During the Festival the theme Faust will be set in scene in different creative ways as well as having special events and exciting actions in the passages, yards and stores in the whole CityQuartier. “Faust” will be interpreted in a modern way and can be experienced and discovered by all our visitors.

One of the highlights will be the “Easter Walk”. From the first day of spring on – over a period of three weeks – the FÜNF HÖFE want to amaze their visitors with luxurious and prosperous flower installations in their passages and yards. Here you can lay back and enjoy the beautiful sides of life and spring – without being signed over by the devil.

The flower installations will be realised in cooperation with Planter’s Punch, who are in charge of the hanging gardens in the FÜNF HÖFE all year round.

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